WP-Cli local development setup

WP-Cli local development setup

Are you going to contribute into WP-CLI? ah, alright. This article will help you and will save your time too, Before going below here I’m assuming you cloned the WP-CLI repository to your local system or you didn’t done this yet I will show you how to do that.

Well, Once you had made your work or changes and before sending the Pull Request to wp-cli you must have to verify that your codes run works properly. However, WP-CLI comes in phar comparison. you just can’t replace the files.

To test your code in the local environment you can follow these few steps:

Install Composer

You can download and setup composer from https://getcomposer.org/

Install Hub

Ehh? What is hub? the hub is a command line tool that wraps ingit order to extend it with extra features and commands that make working with GitHub easier.

Install in Mac

Install In windows:

Download the binary release from the https://github.com/github/hub/releases for eg. hub 2.2.9 for Windows 32-bit and just run the install batch script.

Check if it’s installed or not:

Clone WP-CLI repo into your local machine.

Fork the repo through hub

Install all Composer dependencies

Verify the installations


That’s it……!!!!! Enjoy the WP-CLI 🙂

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